Interculturality, Rationality and Dialogue

Interculturality, Rationality and Dialogue

In Search for Intercultural Argumentative Criteria for Latin America
, Band 23

von: Matthias Lutz-Bachmann, Michael Sievernich SJ, Carlos Miguel Gómez

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This work is a philosophical investigation into the argumentative conditions for intercultural dialogue in Latin America. Through a critical discussion of some key theories of argumentation and intercultural dialogue and a thoughtful analysis of the Latin-American context of diversity, this book develops an intercultural model of argumentation based on the criteria of Intercultural Reasonableness and Discursive Interpellation. These criteria, which have a contextual and dialogical character, aim to offer the appropriate normative ground for a polylogical argumentative dialogue, in which the parties can make use of their own types of language and rationality without presupposing a common standard for the rational evaluation of arguments.
Carlos Miguel Gómez Born in 1976 in Bucaramanga, Colombia. Ph. D. Philosophy of Religion (Frankfurt, Germany), M. A. Religious Studies (Lancaster, U.K.), B. A. Philosophy (Bogotá, Colombia), B. A. Literature (Bogotá Colombia). Currently he researches at CETRE (Centro de Estudios Teológicos y de las Religiones), Universidad del Rosario, Bogotá.

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